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    Wood readers. Tailor Made

Every tree that grows in our forests and therefore each of our devices tells a story.

This individuality and uniqueness of the material means that our work is always exciting and varied. It is our passion to produce electronics for office, hotel, restaurant and smart home security systems using a naturally grown tree. We would like to invite you to immerse yourself in a history full of structure, refinement and advanced identification technologies…Learn more
Eywa Classics

Прямые линии. Безукоризненный стиль. Изысканность. Вечная элегантность.

Eywa ART

Неважно, какая у Вас система контроля доступа. Увидят лишь Ваши считыватели.

Eywa Individual

Любые сочетания цветов и пород. Комбинируйте, импровизируйте, персонализируйте!